Our Services
Corporate Strategic Planning
Planning is an integral key to success for any organization. We seek to assist clients solve their business problems from strategy through execution. We carry this out by providing our strategy consulting expertise with the in-depth understanding of strategy methodologies, while collaborating with a network of professionals to assist you advance your business and achieve your goals.
Our objective it to provide insights into your business environment, navigate through its risk and business complexities, transform perspectives and mindsets, unlock and stimulate possibilities and identify innovative and strategic initiatives that create competitive advantage and value.
Organizational Design, Culture & Change Management
Our organization development capabilities is focused on transforming how businesses effectively coordinate its work activities. We support our clients design and implement organization models and structures that will deliver maximum agility, flexibility and responsiveness. We strive to effectively contribute to the enhancement of our clients’ organizational performance and productivity by aligning their culture, strategy and operational processes as well as the systems.
We seek to assist clients set up their organizations through a conceptual model that is fit for purpose and addresses the internal and external working arrangements to operate efficiently in an ever changing environment.
Job Evaluation & Grade Classification
Job evaluation ensures the determination of the relative worth of jobs in an organization with a view to identifying the appropriate grade levels. The Job Evaluation System thereby determines the appropriate placement of jobs, classifies the jobs within a well articulated grading framework and maps out paths for career progression.
We have developed a competency approach to job evaluation that ensures jobs are appropriately evaluated and mapped to compensable factors to ensure the relative worth of the jobs are determined and the appropriate grade(s) mapped to each job.
Business Process & Policies
The goal to improving business process and policy statements is to ensure adequate articulation of the existing or desired workflow, that seeks to reduce the overall process completion time, improve the quality of the output, identify wasted outputs, reduce the friction, and meet regulatory compliance and requirements.
We seek to improve organizations’ process effectiveness by adopting a strategic and inclusive approach aimed at identifying and designing the operations that would ensure mapping out effective and efficient workflows that seeks to achieve overall business growth within the organization.
Performance Management
An adequate performance management system with defined competencies ensures an organization is able to manage the performance of its employees to achieve its strategic objective. Adequately defined Key Performance Indicators and CSF ensures an organization effectively and efficiently identifies staff performance areas in line with the departments and the organization’s set goals and objectives.
We defined a unique and bespoke methodology to evaluating performance within an organization. Our system ensures leadership can generate insights from analytics that seek to improve productivity and business growth.
Compensation & Benefits Development
Adequate knowledge of financial and nonfinancial pay practices within the industry and across the environment is essential in developing pay strategies to effectively retain and motivate staff. Reward is one of the reasons why we work. It is important to ensure reward practices adequately attracts and retains talent to drive business strategies.
Our salary and benefits survey obtains compensation details of benchmark jobs from participating organizations and fits these jobs into the client’s existing grade system. A trend line analysis of the actual market pay value is determined in order to develop an appropriate pay structure with uniform pay scales.
Training Needs, Learning & Development
Trainings should be relevant and address specific developmental needs of employees in line with the strategic direction of the organization. The training needs analysis should emanate from the objective definitions of the required job competencies and the skill levels of the job and employee. Training and Development should meet organization needs and drive performance.
Our Training Needs Analysis process is competency based. We have developed a comprehensive system to assessing individual training requirements. Our bespoke training and development approach addresses identified learning gaps.
Recruitment & Selection Services
Recruiting the right candidates, into the right job at the right time also involves using the right tools. Our recruitment services ensures that the organization adopts best practice assessment tools and interviews techniques that address the business needs and obtains value.
Recruiting the right candidates, into the right job at the right time also involves using the right tools. Our recruitment services ensures that the organization adopts best practice assessment tools and interviews techniques that address the business needs and obtains value.
Talent Management & Outsourcing Services
Leading organizations worldwide have realized significant business and financial benefits from Outsourcing. HR outsourcing is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Reviews of business processes have led organizations to decide that it makes business sense to sub-contract some or all non-core activities to specialist providers.
Our experience with such organizations has enabled us to identify processes and issues, make recommendations and implement strategic solutions to concentrate core business, cut operational costs, increase efficiency and help realize a rapid Return on Investment (ROI).