Boost your professional growth with these 6 practical approaches for on-the-job learning!
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Boost your professional growth with these 6 practical approaches for on-the-job learning!

  1. Set learning goals: Define what you want to achieve and create a roadmap for success. By so doing, you will learn to focus your time and resources more efficiently with little or no distractions!
  2. Actively Listen: Put simply, this is the art of ‘listening’ to understand what you are being told rather than ‘listening’ to simply respond to what you are being told. By practising the act of active listening, you would be choosing to understand, build trust and grow!
  3. Evaluate Learning: Assess the achievement of your learning goals periodically through self-reflection, and target evaluation. Acknowledge every win (knowledge gained), identify shortcomings/improvement areas, develop mitigations aimed at addressing those shortcomings and then Plan the next phase of the achievement of your study/growth.
  4. Collaborate with others: By working with other individuals on a common goal/task, you would be challenged to think outside the box/norm, improve your self-management and leadership skills, improve your communication skills, provide an avenue for you to acquire a range of knowledge and skills etc. So today (and always), take advantage of the saying “Two heads are better than one” and start or continue collaborating!!
  5. Partaking in job rotations: Seek new roles and responsibilities to broaden your skill sets and gain a deeper understanding of different aspects of your profession and organization. This also exposes you to a number of skill sets outside your comfort zone and the usual norm that could ultimately set you a notch higher than your peers!
  6. Ask for feedback: Proactively seeking constructive feedback from mentors, supervisors, and peers allows us to identify development areas that we may be otherwise ‘blind’ to (blind spots). When we utilize the feedback we get properly, we are able to continuously improve and refine our skills.

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